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We at Alinata firmly believe
that the quality of our personal and professional relationships
determines the quality of our life.

Our Services

Alinata offers training programs, executive education, and consulting services for individuals, teams and businesses to improve emotional intelligence, promote innovative leadership, and drive organizational performance.

Our Programs

Our interactive and science-based programs provide tools and strategies to unlock your full potential in professional and personal life.

Our Coaches

Each of the programs at Alinata is delivered by top-level trainers with a strong background in business, leadership and academia as well as a deep understanding of neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness.

Our Exposure

With the large number of successful training programs and partnerships across Europe and Asia, we look forward to supporting you and your organization in improving leadership, teamwork, and corporate well-being.

Search Inside Yourself

Born and developed at Google, the highly interactive “Search Inside Yourself” (SIY) leadership program teaches important emotional intelligence skills based on mindfulness and neuroscience.

Our certified SIY facilitators will lead you through 6 modules


Learn how to move away from “autopilot” to being aware and acting consciously



Know and understand your internal states, thoughts, emotions, and habits



Skillfully manage your impulses and reactions



Discover your motivation, align your values with your work, and reach your objectives



Understand others’ feelings and experiences and develop empathy and compassion



Lead with compassion and manage conflicts and difficult conversations

Our trainings empower teams and professionals
to apply emotional intelligence techniques
to improve their lives within and beyond their career

Upon completion of our program, participants learn to:

  • Become fully present while participating in meetings and performing daily tasks
  • Reduce stress and enhance resilience when facing tight deadlines and pressure
  • Cooperate effectively and build trust with supervisors, colleagues, and customers
  • Understand and skillfully manage their and other people’s emotions
  • Use empathy and compassion to manage relationships and conflicts in international environments
  • Keep a high level of motivation and engagement in the workplace
  • Become trusted leaders and build effective teams

What Our Participants Are Saying

The session you delivered is one of the best leadership programs we’ve had. It gets to some of the key fundamentals of being a leader. It is both inspiring and practical.

Guan Hongjuan
HR Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim

I’ve been to several emotional intelligence trainings, but this one I probably most useful for my future. The personal experience and practical relevance were particularly helpful. I can only recommend this program.

Ümit Ulug
Technical Quality Coordinator, Audi China

Without any doubt, I would recommend this workshop to anyone, including (or perhaps especially to) sceptics of mindfulness like myself. The class showed the (neuro-) science behind mindfulness and explained that the tools provided do not require anything else besides a few minutes of one’s time. In return for only minutes per day, I could improve myself in so many ways (work, relations, self).

Berry Schrijen
Group CFO, Alliance Nutrition Group

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